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Own Your Inspiration helps people to celebrate life regardless of their abilities and adversities. Rey Grandoit inspires students and persons with disabilities take ownership of their lives in order to keep going and keep growing.

How to Keep Going and Keep Growing (Free Audio Download)

Have big dreams, and can't seem to move forward in life? It’s time to understand why you keep hitting brick walls. It’s all about your G.P.A.! And no, I’m not talking about your grade point average.

Feeling paralyzed spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically?

At the age of 14, Rey Grandoit was told that he would never walk again. Through it all, Rey learned how to cope with his physical disability. Even though his legs became paralyzed, he did not let it affect his mind. Rey knew that God wanted him to be free from the bondage of self-doubt, depression, oppression and feeling as if his life was “less than” because of his physical condition.

In his book, My Legs May Be Paralyzed But My Mind Isn't, you'll get an introspective look into the life of one man who made a decision to live a purposeful life despite his circumstances.



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