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Your Inspiration Is Contagious

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Your were born to inspire!

It's time to own it!

Born to Inspire. Photos of black male in wheelchair as a child and inspiring other children.
Born to Inspire

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Making a Choice

I hope everybody's weekend was great! I do not even remember mine. I'm taking it day by day. Every day I wake up, I must choose whether I am going to live or die. Today I choose. . . that I am going to live. I turned it on and I decided to be on, and I gave you on! But the reality is I am feeling off. So sometimes you cannot go how you feel. You gotta show up and show and show up your best and show up GRAND.

Listen, I am the first to tell you that it's not easy. And some days you don't want to go, but let me tell you, why do you want to keep going? I cannot answer that question for you, but I can tell you why I am going. Because the finish line is where I begin. Man. Rey, you keep saying the same thing just differently. Well, sometimes it's like that. It really is. Sometimes it's like that.


"The Finish Line Is Where I Begin"


Have you ever taken a test and kept taking the test and didn't pass it? I don't know about you, but I cannot do that. I cannot. I cannot sleep in the bed with mediocre. I cannot just rest in it. Foolishness. I cannot stay in insanity. I'm not going to allow myself to keep going in a circle and going nowhere. I'm not going to run on a treadmill. And not reach where I want to go. Maybe you're OK with that and that's OK. But for me? It's unacceptable to allow that type of mindset to embody who I am.

Who Are You?

Because in the essence of who I am is grandness . . . is beauty . . . is fire . . . is passion . . . is historic . . . is iconic . . . inspirational. The being of who I was designed to be.

So, I want you to look in the mirror and ask yourself . . . 'Who are you designed to be?' I already know who you're designed to be. You're designed to be great . . . fantabulous. You're designed to be an architect, to create, to add purpose and value to the world. To be bodacious and bold like a lion. To fly like an eagle. To prosper like the trees. That's who you would design to be.

However, that is why I am here to help you believe it. And this is the motivational series of me coming here weekly, giving you some motivation and inspiration to encourage you to keep going and to keep growing. And to be the greatest of who you are designed to be. To live in your purpose instead of chasing the chickens. Because it's easy to chase the chickens and chase the air instead of flying with wings. It's time to get in the ring.

Start Your Race

It's time to start the race. It's time to start. It's time to be committed. It's time to be consistent. Because it's not how you start, it's how you finish and what you finish is when you begin to realize . . . What you had to finish is what you started. But it does not feel that way. Can we keep it real? It does not feel good. It hurts. It hurts. But name me anything that you have in your life that was worth having that you did not have to fight for it. To keep it, to grow it, to nurture it. And was it worth it? I know the answer is yes.

So, say yes to yourself. Say yes to your dreams. Say yes to your presence. Say yes to your future. Say YES. Say YES to the things that you cannot see and the things that you can see. The patience, the love, the joy. The intangibles. The things that people overlook. They are stuck on Instagram, on Facebook, and on social media. So, they cannot see the things that are more valuable. The peace. The silence. The beauty. When something goes up and the grace when something falls down and the lackluster of the non-belief of the people that laugh at you when you are down. Let them laugh. Let them watch. Because the God that I serve, I know that when you are down, that is when He does His best work, but it takes a partner. It takes an owner and ownership.

To look at the things that need to be worked on when you are down. Maybe it's patience. Maybe it's being more kind or being disciplined. Maybe it's being driven or focused. And the ultimate one? Maybe it's fear. The fear of what people may say. The fear of, 'What if I mess up? What if I fail?' Failure is the first attempt at learning. And when you learn, you earn when you execute. I've done it for 2 decades and 6 years, paralyzed in a wheelchair. What have you learned, Mr. Grandoit from this experience?

Learn From Your Past Failures

Well, the number one thing I learned is that my life is not my own and there is something inside of me that is bigger than me. But there's something else that's inside of me, which is me. And there is something outside of me which is called adversity. So, when I decided to look inside of me. I said hmm. There You go God, I found you. Are you with me? He spoke. Oh yes. Yeah, I am with you. Now, are you with Me? And of course, I said yes. And we partnered together to take ownership of the mess that I was. And still AM. But He said let me take that mess and turn it into a message. And let me let me let me, let me, let me show you how beautiful you are. And how fearfully and wonderfully you are made. And I want you to Own Your Inspiration.

I want you to share this message because somebody needs this message. That yes, YOU are an inspiration. You're an inspiration when you're in debt, you're an inspiration when you're pregnant, you're an inspiration getting a divorce, you're an inspiration. You're an inspiration living with that disability. You're an inspirational when you're getting evicted. You're an inspiration when you turn the other cheek. You're an inspiration. The inspiration always starts from the bottom, and when you get up, that's when you Own Your Inspiration. But if you decide to stay down, It's still an inspiration. You know why? You're still breathing. And if you got breath in your lungs, there's hope for the future. There's light at the end of the tunnel. And if you decide to open your eyes and look inside, there's light inside the tunnel. However, that decision all lies in your hands, in your mind, in your heart, in your body, and in your soul.

You are an owner. You take ownership and responsibility and accountability for your life and for your decisions. No longer blaming other people for your life . . . it is over today! You are going to take ownership of your life today. Well, Rey, I am not ready today, well maybe tomorrow. But like my friend Moses said. I'm feeling like Moses. I'm about to part the sea. Well, this is what he said to me. Moses said, 'It's either day one or one day.' What does that mean? It's either you are going to do it now day one, or hopefully one day. And if you are like me, you know, coming soon most of the time never comes. The finish line is where I begin. I need to put it on the hoodie I need to put it on the shirt.

Connect With Me

Support me and sign up for merch if you are interested, It started off with a thought that gave birth to a dream which led to my drive. We all have dreams. Let us turn those dreams into plans, strategies, executions, and executive orders. To be the best of the best. You can do it. I know you can. Giving you some encouragement. Share this message with somebody who needs it. I am here for a purpose. Like I said, 2 decades and 6 years paralyzed. I still own it. I am still living, still inspiring, still motivating, still fighting, still overcoming, still healing, still loving. And doing the best that I can, Love y'all. Dear Owners. . . Own Your Inspiration!

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Own Your Inspiration helps people to celebrate life regardless of their abilities and adversities. Rey Grandoit inspires students and persons with disabilities take ownership of their lives in order to keep going and keep growing.

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At the age of 14, Rey Grandoit was told that he would never walk again. Through it all, Rey learned how to cope with his physical disability. Even though his legs became paralyzed, he did not let it affect his mind. Rey knew that God wanted him to be free from the bondage of self-doubt, depression, oppression and feeling as if his life was “less than” because of his physical condition.

In his book, My Legs May Be Paralyzed But My Mind Isn't, you'll get an introspective look into the life of one man who made a decision to live a purposeful life despite his circumstances.



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