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Help Your Students Become More Grateful

Set the stage for Positivity, Participation and Learning in Your Classroom with this 5-min. video exercise recorded by Rey Grandoit, himself.

This Gratitude Exercise Will Help You
  • Start your class off on the right foot

  • Get students to warm up to you and each other

  • Engage them without it feeling like a chore 

  • Shift their mood to a more optimistic one

  • Get them in the right attitude for learning to take place

Watch the mood shift in your classroom
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*BONUS PDF Transcript Included

Why Is This Gratitude Exercise So Powerful?

Rey is a gifted inspirational speaker who has been paralyzed since the age of 14. Despite being wheelchair bound, Rey still believes he has plenty to be grateful for. He, himself is on camera leading students in a quick, simple and practical exercise on gratitude.


What better way to make your students more aware of the things they take for granted? …to inspire them? …to put them in the right mindset for learning and achieving?


Download this Gratitude Exercise by Rey Grandoit and watch the mood shift in your classroom!

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